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Lead ship of RST27 project
Chemical tanker, project RST27
Tankers of RST27 project
Tanker of 19614 project
Mekhanik Erokhin, project 19614
VF Tanker-11, project RST27
Dry cargo open-deck/oil tanker RST54
Volga-Flot-7, project 05074T
«Volga-Flot» type river tankers
Volga-Flot-1, project 05074T
Train «1 pusher tug + 1 barge»
Train «1 pusher tug + 2 barges»
Roads transshipment complex
Тransshipment of oil products
Special tactical drill on the vessel
Transportation of construction cargo
Оpening of navigation-2016
Discharging of crude glycerin
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